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Who is Ares?

Move over millennials! Gen-Z is taking over!


I'm a 18 year old Drag Queen born and currently living in Switzerland.

In 2021 I started doing Drag in my childhood bedroom. A year later I won the title of Miss Drag Roy-Lälle-Ty 2022, which also was my first time performing on a stage.

After that I got to do a lot of amazing shows and meet many incredible people.


My Drag name is inspired by my zodiac sign which is Aries. I just remodeled the writing but kept the pronunciation.

I'm a power house and I turn out every performance with my crazy tricks and splits. I'm mostly known for my jumpsplit off of a chair (Watch the video below).

Wanna know more about me? Read my interview with 20 Minuten here.


Photos by:

Desirée Kaufmann

Tease Me Please; 18.01.2023

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